Unwins Seeds

Unwins Seeds

It was back in 1903 that William Unwin sold his first sweet pea seeds.  However, the story starts two years earlier, in the summer of 1901.  One evening, after choir practice, he was showing two fellow choristers round the many rows of sweet peas he grew to send to the flower markets in London.

William was soon hybridising sweet peas, and offering large flowered forms in a wide range of colours.  By 1914 he had been joined in the business by his son Charles, who went on to become one of the leading sweet pea breeders of the 20th Century.

A second son, Frank, had a particular interest in gladioli, and he became as well known for his breeding work with these as Charles did with sweet peas.  The firm soon became general seedsmen, offering a wide range of flowers and vegetables.

The family bred not only sweet peas and gladioli but also dahlias, tomatoes and culinary peas, among others.  In the late 1950s, it decided to supply seeds in full-colour packets to gardening shops and those new outlets known as garden centres, until then, Unwins sold its seeds only through mail order.

The venture was a great success, and was responsible for the steady growth of the Company until today it has the largest share of the UK amateur seed market.  The Company's breeding work continues, especially in sweet peas, and it has the largest annual trial of sweet peas anywhere in the world.

Sweet pea seed, like much other flower seed, is produced commercially around the world, including in the United States, Eastern Europe, Malta and Continental Europe, although very little is now grown in Great Britain.


We love the way Unwins operate.

Every operation - from sowing, through "roguing" (the elimination of off-types), to harvesting and sorting - is performed by hand.  Seed is hand-picked into an apron-pouch and emptied into clearly-labelled sacks supported by metal tripods. On arrival at Unwins' premises in Britain, the seeds are then tested for vigour and their powers of germination in the company's seed testing laboratory, prior to packeting.

Before packeting, most seed is stored in a special chamber which has an environment of 20C and 20% relative humidity, making the atmosphere about as dry as the Sahara Desert at midday.  The seed is then hermetically sealed into foil sachets in this same room, so each sachet has its own micro-climate round the seed, keeping it in perfect condition until the seal is broken by the gardener about to sow.

  • Alyssum carpet of snow, unwins seeds Alyssum carpet of snow, unwins seeds


    Alyssum - Carpet Of snow

    Alyssum  Carpet of Snow   Alyssum does well in virtually any soil or position, and is delightful in beds, rockeries or edging a path. The low growing plants become smothered in tiny, pure white flowers all summer long.   Sowing...
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    Aster - China Mix

    Aster China Mix   These old fashioned, single flowered asters are simply delightful either growing in borders or cut in large vases in the house. Indispensable for the cottage garden.   Sowing time: Indoors: February -...
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    Aubrieta - Purple Cascade

    Aubrieta Purple Cascade     Creates a rich purple river of colour every spring. Breathtaking when scrambling over a low wall or cascading down a bank. Spring bulbs are ideal companions for this very free flowering variety...
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    Basil - Mediterranean Medley

    Basil Mediterranean Medley    Four basils in one packet - Sweet Italian, small leaved lemon basil, dark leaved Opal and purple green Ararat - make this a must for lovers of Mediterranean food. All are warmly aromatic and look so...
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    Basil - Sweet Green

    Basil Sweet Green   A must in so much Southern European cookery, the flavour complements chicken and tomato dishes, and is also great with eggs. Superb in salads too! Give it a warm, sunny sheltered spot for best results. If you want...
  • Beetroot - Boltardy Beetroot - Boltardy


    Beetroot - Boltardy

    Beetroot  Boltardy Boltardy can be sown early in the year right through to mid summer for successional crops, and is slow to run to seed. It yields perfect, globe shaped beets of superb flavour and colour, and its flesh is usually free of...
  • Beetroot - Chioggia Beetroot - Chioggia


    Beetroot - Chioggia

    Beetroot Chioggia Mesmerising beetroot variety with attractive concentric rings. Roots are sweet, tender and succulent and the leaves are equally delicious served in salads. Turns a stunning shade of pink when cooked.  Sowing time: Indoors:...
  • Beetroot - Detroit 2 Beetroot - Detroit 2


    Beetroot - Detroit 2

    Beetroot Detroit 2 Detroit is a heavy cropper, producing uniformly globe beets of good quality. Early to crop, thin alternate roots to use as baby beet and allow the rest to grow on to maturity. Sowing time: Outdoors: April -...
  • Beetroot - Gourmet Mix, seeds, seed, unwins, garden, gardening, plant, vegetable, food, Beetroot - Gourmet Mix, seeds, seed, unwins, garden, gardening, plant, vegetable, food,


    Beetroot - Gourmet Mix

    Beetroot Seeds (Unwins) Gourmet Mix          A stunning mix of four different beetroots making a colourful addition to your harvest. These delicious vegetables are high in vitamins and sweet in flavour. So simple to grow, these...