Electrical Tools

Electrical Tools

If you are thinking of buying a power tool, we can help.  We stock an extensive range including  Sanders, Angle-Grinders, Paint Strippers, Saws, and Screwdrivers.  In addition to our own Supavalue Branded products we also stock, or can order for you, big names in power tools including Black and Decker, Einhell, Dewalt and Bosh.   We want you to get the right tool for your job, so there are some important considerations we wanted to share with you:-

Are you confident you know the right tool for the job?

Are you clear what is, and isn't included in the box?

Have you talked to others about what you plan to do, to get some advice?

Cordless vs Plug in, are you clear which one is best for you?

Big Brand vs Own Brand, are you clear which one is going to do the job at the right price for you?

And finally… have fun! It’s an old cliché, but a true one, that there’s nothing so satisfying as a job well done. You’ve probably started out down the DIY road because you think it’s something you’ll find enjoyable and satisfying – so don’t make your life a chore. Choose tools that are up to the job, that will help and not hinder and, perhaps most important of all, that you will be comfortable using. This is the secret of a truly long partnership and the road to DIY success.

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