Survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest

With the clocks going forward it finally feels like spring is on its way. We’ve been out and about in the garden this weekend. Despite the forecasters forecasting another Beast from the East over Easter we have risked seed planting. It’s great how the packets tell you when and how to plant the seeds so it was easy to choose what to do first. We opted for the reliable variety of tomatoes Moneymaker along with Alicante and Gardeners Delight, a cherry tomato. Along side them we have courgette. Courgettes are great as you can harvest the vegetable and the flowers as these too are edible.

We love the courgette seed along with runner beans and pea seed they are large easy to see and plant. When the seeds are small it’s harder to separate them and in the case of tomato’s there is a benefit of planting a couple alongside each other. It may sound callous, and to someone who doesn’t like to waste anything this part doesn’t come easy, but the weaker seedling of the two will be discarded. It’s survival of the fittest and no point in wasting your time and efforts on the weaker seedling.

For now, in case the beast does come back next weekend, we’ve put the seeds on our kitchen window sill. If all goes goes well they will be ready to pot on after we have waved a final goodbye to the Beast of the East.

26th Mar 2018 Jane

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